On January 28th, 2020 the final event of the research project INTEGRATE took place in Coworking Space EINS at the Technical University of Berlin with about 25 participants. The results of the project, which is funded by the BMWi within the PAICE program (funding code 01MA17001A), were presented.

The project developed an open platform for cooperative engineering across companies and manufacturers. All engineering tools involved in a production process can use this platform to exchange data securely and synchronously. It is also possible for third-party providers to offer their own services and integrate them into the architecture. Basic requirements such as data security and rights management are controlled by the platform. This should make the design process significantly more flexible and faster.

The project results have shown that the developed solution can be used in various fields of engineering where reliable data exchange in a heterogeneous tool landscape is required. Various demonstrators were presented here at the event.
inpro focused on the development of a plugin for the AutomationML Editor to connect to the INTEGRATE platform and the use of the platform within the Unity-AML Changelog Asset developed by inpro. The goal of this project is to feed back data changes and annotations from XR environments into PLM tools to evaluate and document the results achieved and to update the underlying PLM information.

ABB, logi.cals, inpro, the FZI and the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg were involved in the research project as partners.