At the beginning of October inpro was able to hand over the whitepaper “AutomationML Part 6: AutomationML Components” to AutomationML e.V. on behalf of the working group “AutomationML Components”. #AutomatioML is an open, manufacturer-neutral and free data exchange format, which enables the digital networking of different engineering and operating data.

The whitepaper defines a model for the comprehensive description of automation components as AutomationML components, thus delivering a fundamental element for the architecture of #industry 4.0 components.

The work on the whitepaper was done on the background that automated production systems or plants consist of a multitude of subsystems and subcomponents. When designing such systems different aspects have to be considered and combined. The individual engineering disciplines require different, but potentially interlinked information also about the individual automation components.

Until now, this partial information usually had to be collected manually by the respective planners in the individual disciplines, since there was no open, standardized model that could bring together and link the individual information. The AutomationML component model defined in this white paper closes this gap.

Experts from different industry sectors and research have contributed to the document. The working group includes component manufacturers who want to describe their products digitally, as well as OEMs who want to use such product descriptions.

The publication of the first version of the specification does not mark the end of the work on component description. In addition to the technical development, it is planned to use the resulting know-how for current initiatives of AutomationML e.V. in connection with the topics #Digital Twin and Asset Administration Shell #i4.0. A further focus of the work on this topic is the industrial implementation of the AutomationML component by the individual members of the working group.

Information and the whitepaper can be found on the AutomationML homepage or can be ordered directly from inpro.

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