This month we are all moved by the corona crisis. The effects on the economy and society are dramatic, the daily news shocking. Despite travel prohibitions and contact restrictions, we at inpro were able to continue our project work almost seamlessly in our mobile office thanks to the great performance of our employees. Of course, we benefit from the fact that we have clearly focused our work on the development of digital innovations in recent years. Today we develop software in most projects. We use modern agile development methods and have continuously expanded our skills in the area of software quality assurance.

Of course, working in the mobile office sometimes presents special challenges – for example, when children have to be looked after, cooked and trained on the side. But there are also many positive experiences. The “virtual teamwork” works excellently overall, both within inpro and together with our partners from the inpro shareholder groups, with whom we work very closely on many projects. We have even been able to carry out our weekly update for all employees virtually via Microsoft teams several times now with very good feedback.

All in all, our employees are doing a great job in this crisis and are fully committed to the project work from their mobile offices. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks. Although, like everyone else, I hope that this crisis will end as soon as possible, I am pleased about how well we have managed to deal with this particularly challenging situation.

Stay healthy!
Your Gerd Eßer