Artificial Intelligence

inpro develops AI-based tools and methods to increase efficiency potentials for planning and operational processes. Both engineering and production data are used for this purpose. Machine learning methods are used to train models that can be used, for example, to predict process or quality parameters. inpro develops and implements solutions in the context of predictive maintenance or anomaly detection, as well as in the field of natural language processing.

The Evolution Strategy as a special method of bionics, which also includes AI methods, is an effective tool for solving multi-criteria optimization problems and is applied and further developed by inpro. Furthermore, inpro creates methods and tools for the evaluation of operating data for the data supply of digital engineering. This includes, for example, mobile applications for data collection on the factory shop floor or assistance and diagnostic systems for the operator of the production systems. The vision behind this aim is simulation during operation through the always up-to-date digital twin. With updated, calibrated models, improved forecasts can be made as a basis for making decisions about production.