The Challenge: Sustainable economic success of manufacturing companies is founded on a consistent digital validation of production systems through digital engineering. This requires an efficient and lossless data exchange across all design steps and tools. This is only possible with industrially compatible data formats that represent the entire range of occuring design data. The Automation Markup Language (AutomationML) is such a format.

AutomationML is an open, vendor-neutral and free data exchange format and IEC standard. It enables the digital linking of different and heterogeneous engineering and operating data. With many years of experience and deep know-how in the implementation of AutomationML-based applications and interface, we support you in optimally exploiting the advantages of this established industrial standard for your engineering processes and software.

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Advantages of AutomationML

  • Consistent data provision in the engineering process

  • Standardized data structures throughout the engineering process, using an unified format

  • Process flexibility through easier interfacing of tools

  • Avoid recurring manual entry of design data into engineering tools

  • Automation of no or little value add activities

  • Investment protection: storage data in open format to secure IP investment

  • Reduction of the maintenance of various interfaces

„The increasingly complex environment of production of the future through independently communicating and operating production components requires new methods and tools in the planning processes. This can only be done by the Digital Factory. The necessary connection between shop floor and planning systems requires communication with common syntax and semantics to cope with the complex environment of the Internet of Things. This lingua franca is the AutomationML as an adhesive between planning and operative factory operation.“

Frank Jelich, Volkswagen

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