Milestones (1983 – 2018)

Foundation of inpro


Expert systems

Use of computer technology to support decision-making processes READ MORE

Factory simulation

Simulation tools as the basis of the digital factory READ MORE

Forming simulation

Fundamentals for the simulation of deep drawing processes READ MORE

Laser welding

Utilization of the solid-state laser as a joining tool in body construction READ MORE


Foundation of HIGHYAG Lasertechnologie GmbH with the vision of perfecting the industrial use of laser technology READ MORE

Laser soldering

Utilization of the laser soldering in body construction READ MORE

Laser hardening

Fundamentals of laser application for surface hardening READ MORE


Foundation of Photon Laser Engineering GmbH as a pioneer of laser welding technology READ MORE


Foundation of Scansonic IPT GmbH, which is now a leading provider of system solutions for laser soldering READ MORE

Die Maker

Digital assistance for designing deep drawing tools READ MORE

Foil technology

Development of color-match capable foil technology READ MORE

Painting simulation

Contribution to digitally safeguarding painting processes READ MORE

Welding simulation

Simulation of thermal distortion during joining processes READ MORE

Logistics planning

Logistics planning tools in automotive engineering READ MORE

Hemming simulation

Digital planning and safeguarding of hemming processes READ MORE

Energy efficiency

Planning and monitoring energy consumption READ MORE

Quality assurance

Methods for robust inline testing during production READ MORE


Foundation of COMAN Software GmbH READ MORE