Research cooperations

inpro has an extensive network of highly competent partners in science and industry.
We participate in publicly funded collaborative research projects with partners from science and industry, and this allows us to build new competencies and provides valuable stimuli for inpro’s innovation work.  Why not work with us and become our cooperation partner?

inpro has been or is involved in the following projects:


The aim of the joint research project “DigiBody – Digital Process Chain for the Illustration and Optimization of Joining Technology in Body-in-White” started in April and funded by the BMWi is to be able to predict the quality of bonded joints in components subjected to complex loads with the aid of digital models. For virtual, cost-effective process optimization, the interactions of real production, product and operating information are taken into account. The intention is to increase the degree of accuracy in the simulation of manufacturing processes for the early digital validation of vehicle design statuses. This enables a minimization of the mechanically joined connections, up to the vision of a completely bonded bodyshell. inpro is responsible within the research association for the simulative assurance of the dimensional accuracy of the folding process.


This EU project aims at a breakthrough in modeling of Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS). These steels are increasingly being used within the automotive industry but have a challenging forming behavior. An extremely fast crystal plasticity code will be used to derive macroscopically observable anisotropic plastic properties from complex 3D artificial multi-phase microstructures. This will be directly coupled to efficient Multi-Scale code, leading to numerically very efficient state-of-the-art models for forming processes of dual-phase steels. The resultant multi-scale material model will be demonstrated for realistic microstructures in an industrial FE-Code to predict product properties after forming of a large automotive part.


Development of an open platform for cross-company and multi-vendor, cooperative engineering.

Language of control technology for Industry 4.0

Development of laser-based joining technologies for dissimilar lightweight construction

Collaborative project: resource-efficient hybrid construction for lightweight car bodies

Collaborative project: manufacturing and recycling strategies for electro mobility for recycling of lightweight structures in fibre-reinforced plastic hybrid construction

Collaborative project: integral production of hybrid lightweight sandwich structures in particle foam composite moulding for high volumes

In the research project PROLEI, construction methods with plastic-metal hybrid composites are qualified for industrial series production.

Design methods for automation systems with model integration and automatic option evaluation

Intelligent laser and arc systems with integrated process knowledge and intuitive operation