Do you want to improve or maintain your market position and need specific information about the market and your competitors?

We create market and competitive analysis in the technology environment individually tailored to your needs. Our analysis focuses on companies and products that are subject to accelerating technological change. Digitization, production of the future, new materials are relevant keywords for us. We particularly address companies in the automotive and supplier industries, mechanical and plant engineering and heavy industry.

Goals of the competition analysis

Which technologies do my competitors develop, with which companies in the value chain do the competitors cooperate on the market in the area of research and development? We analyse these and similar questions for you using the latest methods of competition analysis and our analysis tool we developed over many years. In principle, all market and competition-relevant questions can be specifically researched by us.

Our offer at a glance

Our special method and software for competitive analysis



Our special competitive analysis method

We identify and analyze relevant companies / competitors / rivals and markets and use special analysis methods developed over many years for the competitive analysis. This helps us, for example, to analyse networks between companies or players at all stages of the value chain in their industry or sector. At the same time, we can also identify weak signals that indicate, for example, early technology cooperations.

With this strategy, we start from your core technologies or other topics and questions that you have specified and research the competitive environment and the market from the perspective of these questions and topics.

Research of individual information relevant to you

We search for the information you need to successfully develop or maintain your position on the market in relation to your competitors.

We are able to answer a wide range of questions based on our experience. Here are a few examples:

  • Research of suppliers with special characteristics and products

  • Relevant market information for marketing or sales channels

  • Information for successful market positioning

  • Security research for your business plan or business model

  • Periodic market and competition analysis for a continuous improvement process

  • Which suppliers are there in a certain area?

The analysis of new technologies with the aim of identifying new competitors, e.g. from the start-up scene, can also be of strategic interest. Are you looking for investment opportunities or would you like to know which new competitors want to gain market share? You need a SWOT analysis (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats) in relation to competitors or products. We provide you with a well-founded assessment of your competitive situation.

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Competition analysis: Our offer

Do you need support in obtaining relevant information about the market – general competition or direct competition? We provide you with relevant information in a clear and demand-oriented way.

We proceed as follows when you place an order:

Step 1: In an initial requirement analysis, we work with you to identify your goals and your specific information demand. Is the goal of the analysis the identification of the activities or weaknesses of your competitors, do you want to reflect your product portfolio on the activities of your competitors? Are you looking for M&A targets? Based on the initial analysis, we propose a search approach and present you with an offer.

Step 2: We analyse your specific question with our special research methods. We use special algorithms to evaluate available information from various sources, such as patents, scientific publications, news, public funding databases and startup databases.

The result of an individual analysis is a fact sheet tailored to your specific information demands. This fact sheet is tailored to a defined number of competitors and contains comparative analyses of cooperation networks, top lists of actors and cooperations. You have the option of subscribing to competition fact sheets for your competitors in order to receive quarterly, half-yearly or year-round updates.

In all cases, we set a great value on confidentiality and the protection of your business interests.

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