Innovation Management

The inpro innovation management focuses on the simultaneous analysis of risks in the three dimensions technology, realization, and exploitation (TREX). This ensures the achievement of defined innovation goals and, thus, the successful implementation of research and development results in the best way possible. The approach of the TREX innovation process is to consider the risks in the three aforesaid dimensions simultaneously from the beginning. Realization risks, e.g. with regard to necessary partnerships, resource capacities or intellectual property, may have a negative impact on the successful implementation of innovations. In the inpro innovation process, the economic exploitation of innovations is analyzed from the outset with regard to market and competition-related risks. Only if all relevant customer groups can satisfy their specific benefits, only if all relevant partners in the economic exploitation chain can fulfill their respective business cases, can sustainable benefits be generated through innovations. In this process, we use agile methods that ideally complement our innovation management approach.