Since 1983 we have successfully implemented sustainable innovations with numerous international customers such as SABIC, Siemens and Volkswagen.

Based on our many years of experience in cooperation with leading innovative companies we have developed our own success-oriented method for innovation management by the implementation of innovative technologies and the establishment of new business models.

Our method for goal-oriented innovation management

One of the most frequent reasons for a lack of innovation success is the sole focus on technical development. However, the best technical solution does not guarantee market success. Customer and market-related internal as well as external aspects are often considered too late.

Success factors to be considered in innovation management:

  • Feasibility within the company’s own value creation structures

  • Feasibility by employees and/or complementary resources

  • Cultural framework, internal and external

  • Acceptance and involvement of relevant executives and other stakeholders

  • Integration and motivation of all relevant promoters (e.g. according to Hauschildt)

  • Early and continuous analysis of the competition, both technically and in terms of business models

  • Customer orientation and use cases

  • Continuous analysis and selection of key resources

Our approach is the holistic consideration and earliest possible analysis of all success relevant factors.

Our experience gained over many years and projects in the implementation of various successful innovation projects has been combined in the development of our own methodology. The result is the inpro innovation management method which has been successfully applied by our customers for many years now:

TREX (Theory of Risk EXclusion)

Our offer at a glance

Creative and risk workshops or support of innovation projects



The inpro innovation management method TREX

inpro innovation management focuses on the simultaneous analysis of risks in the three dimensions of technology, realization and exploitation in order to ensure the achievement of defined innovation goals and thus the successful implementation of research and development results in the best possible way. The approach of the TREX innovation process is to consider the risks in the three dimensions mentioned simultaneously from the outset, because not only the achievement of technical objectives is associated with risky problems. Realization risks, e.g. with regard to necessary partnerships, resource capacities or intellectual property, can stand in the way of the successful implementation of innovations. In the inpro-innovation process, the economic exploitation of innovations is analyzed from the outset with regard to market and competition-related risks. Only if all relevant customer groups can satisfy their specific benefits, only if all relevant partners in the economic exploitation chain can fulfill their respective business cases, can sustainable benefits be created with innovations.

We use agile methods that ideally complement our innovation management approach.

Our competence in innovation management for your company

We pass on our knowledge to your company within the scope of consulting projects. We respond individually to your specific challenges, bring in the innovation experience of our more than 30 years of company history and always focus on the successful implementation of innovations.

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Innovation management: Our offer

Depending on the status of your project/innovation process or your initial idea, we offer various support options. These can be modular and temporary support or accompany the entire process of an innovation project.  In an initial discussion, we clarify your needs together and prepare a target-oriented offer of support, taking your interests into account. These can be building blocks:

Creativity workshops:

Do you want to generate new ideas? Do you want to transfer your core competencies to other markets (cross-industry innovations) or are you looking for strategic implications for your market in view of ever faster changing boundary conditions?

In consultation with you, we develop a workshop concept tailored to your specific needs, accompany you professionally through the workshop and prepare the results as required.

Risk workshops:

In innovation projects that are already in progress or are starting up, we analyse the specific risks with you in accordance with our TREX approach. We moderate the development of an overview of existing risks and starting points for minimizing them. Risk workshops can be held in different project phases as required. However, we recommend early and regular discussion of innovation risks.

Accompaniment of innovation projects:

We offer you our expertise in the field of innovation management in the form of project-related consulting or interim project management activities. This can extend to a temporary on-site deployment of our TREX project managers.

In all cases, it goes without saying that we attach great importance to confidentiality and the protection of your business interests.

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