inpro Innovation Day 2023

Robust Digitalization and AI for Resilience and Efficiency in Production

The exclusive event for innovators and implementers of the digital transformation

We are pleased to invite you to the inpro Innovation Day 2023, which this year is themed around the 360° Digital Industry Innovation Arena and the 40th anniversary of inpro‘s foundation.

The event agenda

Time Speaker Topic
09:00 am Gerd Eßer (CEO inpro) and Gunter Beitinger (SVP Manufacturing – Factory Automation Siemens) Welcome and Opening Remarks
09:20 am Jochem Heizmann (Former Member of the Supervisory Board of inpro behalf of Volkswagen ) and Klaus Helmrich (Former Member of the Supervisory Board of inpro behalf of Siemens) 40 Years Industrial Innovation and Growth
09:40 am Ernst Stöckl-Pukall (Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Head of Division IVA3 Digitalization and Industry 4.0) Towards a Data-Driven Industry: Manufacturing-X and Related Initiatives
09:50 am Martin Goede (Director Future Production and Plant Concepts Volkswagen and Chair of the Supervisory Board of inpro) Automobile Production – Digitalization as a Driver of Efficient and Flexible Processes
10:15 am Stefan Gierse (SVP Global Sales & Marketing – Factory Automation Siemens and Member of the Supervisory Board of inpro) Digital Transformation – a Gamer Changer for the Industry
Time Panelists


Moderation: Tobias Herwig (Fabrik der Zukunft – Podcast)

Martin Goede, Ernst Stöckl-Pukall, Gerd Eßer, Dirk Didascalou (Siemens), Hans Uszkoreit (DFKI), Alexander Vogt (Accenture)

Booth Topic
1 Simulation of Vision-Guided Robotics
2 Common Data Models for Factory Engineering
3 Synthetic Data for AI
4 Digital Process Agents on the Edge
5 Shopfloor-AI for Predictive Maintenance and Quality and Condition Monitoring
6 twino: Bridging the Gap between the Virtual and the Real
7 Simulation based Tolerance Management
8 Reverse Engineering for Efficient Engineering
9 pointo: 3D-Scans to Intelligent Models
10 Virtual Container Showroom: Digital Equipment Validation for Logistics
11 Coman: Digital Project Twin for Efficient Collaboration
12 AI-based Weldability Validation
13 ginero: Interlock Planning of Multi Roboter Cells
Time Speaker Topic
02:00 pm Peter Kress (Head of Industrial AI Software) and Wolf-Christian Rumsch (Head of Digital Solutions Business at inpro) AI-on Edge Computing: Driving Next-Level Productivity Gains in Manufacturing
02:30 pm Henning Löser (Senior Manager Audi Production Lab) and Daniel Wolff (Head of Collaborative Incubation Business at inpro) Next Level of Engineering for Efficiency and Sustainability
03:00 pm 40th Anniversary Birthday Suprise
04:00 pm  End of Innovation Day

Thank you for your interest in the Innovation Day 2023! We are booked out.

If you haven’t got a ticket, we will keep you updated with our newsletter and hope to see you next year.

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