COMAN – The future of digital project management

The software solution COMAN (COnstruktion MANager) was developed to meet the specific requirements and needs of the large corporations Volkswagen, Daimler, Siemens and thyssenkrupp, since there was no innovative solution satisfying the demand for digital project management. From 2009 onwards, COMAN was developed in close cooperation with inpro’s shareholders. This long-term, benefit- and goal-oriented development of a software solution is almost unique and has only become possible in this special constellation of companies working together. The result is a practical and customer-oriented software solution for digital project management in the environment of complex production plants.

COMAN links plant layout (CAD), bill of materials (BOM) and scheduling with customer-specific visualization for efficient project management. Project-specific views and accesses for the acquisition of project progress and any shortcomings can be provided to all project managers, so that it can be ensured that the project is implemented efficiently within the planned time, cost and quality. So, COMAN is an effective and proven collaboration platform for the project business in plant construction.

Currently, COMAN is used worldwide in many different projects and has become a standard in productive operations of the aforementioned companies.

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„With COMAN, inpro has created an innovative software solution that helps to improve our system engineering project management.“

Dr. Matthias Hartmann, Head of Global Product Management, thyssenkrupp Systems Engineering GmbH