inpro’s development work formed the basis for the introduction of bodywork laser beam welding and soldering suitable for large series, and provided the groundwork for important innovations in engine and component manufacturing. In this regard, work connected to laser beam hardening are particularly noteworthy. In the 1990s, inpro developed important process principles as well as the necessary tools.

The positive effects of this research are still visibe today. In 2014, a development team of Daimler AG and the Steinbeis Transfer Centre was awarded the coveted Transfer Price of the Steinbeis Foundation (Löhn Award) for the successful production launch of controlled laser beam hardening.

„Once again, the laser beam hardening head proves that inpro’s innovations were far ahead of their time. Not just a prototype, but also the networking of start-ups emerging in the laser technology area with the ‚former‘ employees of the parent companies, formed the basis for the successful production use of resulting systems.“

Dr. Michael Anders, Scansonic IPT GmbH