Innovations in laser and automation technology

In 2000 our former student employee Igor Haschke founded the Scansonic GmbH and developed a completely new system for laser brazing. The innovation: Using the integrated filler wire as a tactile sensor, the laser processing optic finds the exact component position and guides the brazing process precisely along a perfect seam. Today, laser optics for welding, brazing, hardening and cutting, as well as precise sensor technology for process and quality monitoring are part of the product family. Scansonic sets worldwide industry standards for laser joining in automotive body construction.

Scansonic grew rapidly and became the birthplace of today’s Berlin.Industrial.Group. (B.I.G.). On the technology campus in Berlin-Marzahn, approximately 350 employees of B.I.G. manufacture innovative high-tech products. These include diode lasers, turbine seals, 3D metal printers and optical metrology.