Thermal welding remains the most important joining technology for vehicle production. However, this technique is still prone to welding distortion. Local heat input may produce thermally induced stress, which can lead to the shape ot the welded components being distorted. In the past, minimising this distortion required time-consuming test series. Software solutions for simulation support barely met the requirements in practice.

From 2003 to 2007, inpro collaborated with users from partner companies to develop a new software solution that set new standards in welding simulation, both in terms of computing time, and user-friendliness. The simulation program demonstrated by means of numerous real components that welding distortion can be predicted quickly and accurately. By simulating different positions for holders and various welding sequences, welding distortion has been efficiently minimised.

Since 2008, the French ESI Group has marketed this inpro development under the name „Weld Planner“ and provides worldwide service and support. The constant, user-oriented development of this simulation solution is the result of the close partnership between ESI, inpro and inpro partner companies.