Today, quality assurance in production still often requires cost-intensive visual inspections or even destructive tests that waste resources. In recent years, inpro has developed innovative methods and technologies for component testing that can be used, for example, to ensure the quality of joints or functional surfaces in a non-destructive, automated manner and in series production. For example, the use of thermography has been significantly advanced by developments in the field of excitation techniques and signal processing.

With the thermographic methods developed by inpro, testing costs can be reduced and the quality of the test results significantly improved. The “Shape from Shading” method was identified as particularly suitable for testing surfaces. Today, variants of this procedural principle developed by inpro enable inline testing in series production. For many applications, alternatives to costly and error-prone visual inspection have been created.

“Supported by a pragmatic approach involving testing and simulation, inpro has made significant contributions to the automated testing of materials and joints in body-in-white and component manufacturing.”

Prof. Dr. Martin Kraska, Professor in the Department of Engineering/Material and Structural Mechanics, Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences