Technology monitoring as a competitive advantage

Technology monitoring as a competitive advantage

In this blog post, you can read how you can use our technology intelligence solution texploro to conduct structured competitive and R&D analyses, and what we are currently working on to make your search results even more effective.

From daily information overload to strategic decision making

How many employees and departments in your company deal with market observation and developments in the technology sector? How do you bring together interesting results and findings? Do you use information advantages to your economic advantage in the long term? Without software support, structured organizational learning and knowledge management has become almost impossible. Our data intelligence platform texploro provides you with a solution that was designed for the identification and analysis of technology trends along the innovation lifecycle and is continuously being developed further.

How texploro works

Artificial intelligence as a knowledge turbo

Current research focus: Automated “Data Labelling “

Together with the Speech & Language Technology Lab of the DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) and the digital experts of Neofonie | Ontolux, we are working on a research project until 2025 to better address one of the biggest AI challenges with automated technology recognition. Consistent and high-quality data is essential for accurate results. The challenge here is to develop fundamentally new approaches with deep learning-supported text mining in order to reach the next evolutionary stage of technology monitoring.

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40 years inpro

15th June of 2023 is the 40th anniversary of inpro's founding. Just as we are proud of our history and the successes of our holistic innovation management, it is important for us to focus on the further development of our ecosystem. Our industry is in a state of upheaval.

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