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Benefit from our Domain Knowledge, Collaboration Model and Hybrid Skillset

  • Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Production
  • AI-supported plant planning
  • Avoidance of scrap and rework through predictive quality
  • Increase of OEE through predictive maintenanc
  • Virtual safeguarding and application of computer vision in production
  • Automated planning methods
  • Data architectures and data continuity (I4.0, Catena-X, AML, JT)
  • Development and implementation of digital twins in production
  • Digital brownfield twins
  • Feedback of real data into planning
  • Data models and standards for digital twins
  • Industrial Asset Models
  • Closed-Loop and Executable Digital Twins
  • Setup of FEM simulation chains and automated simulations
  • Automated CAD Reverse Engineering
  • Processing of point clouds, mesh transformations and optimizations
  • Material maps and material data exchange
  • Execution of actual-target comparison and automated quality analyses
  • Award Winning XR Apps
  • Interactive Planning, Virtual Equipment Acceptance
  • Worker support
  • Use cases: Training, production planning, validation and tryout.
  • Implementation of applications in Industrial Cloudplatforms (e.g. AWS, DPP)
  • Applications for IOT platforms such as MindSphere
  • Use of networks such as Catena-X
  • Sustainability through smart production planning
  • Data standards for energy efficiency
  • Simulations to increase energy efficiency in production
  • Identification and evaluation of future.  trends
  • Market intelligence and technology scouting
  • Identification and evaluation of emerging technologies

Industrial innovations

Industrial innovations in the plant design process at Champions League level

What our clients say

Digital pioneers have strong partners

“The digital twin of a 12.6 meter wind turbine was demonstrated very successfully at WindEurope Electric City in Copenhagen. Much of the success can be attributed to the AR visualization of twino, which was developed by inpro for Siemens Digital Industries. It was great to work with inpro for this demo, and through twino we were able to get the audience sustainably excited about the potential uses of digital twins.”

Kim Branner, Senior Researcher PhD, Head of Section Structural Design & Testing | DTU Wind

Sustainable innovations for the manufactoring industry

“inpro has provided the decisive impetus for the development of component-oriented simulation models in material flow. In this way, inpro has created the basis for standards with which simulation systems are being further developed today, and which will remain relevant for the digital factory in the future.”                                

Prof. Bernd Noche, Managing Director SDZ GmbH, Professor für Transportsysteme und Logistik | Universität Duisburg-Essen

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