Innovation partnership: Accenture and inpro

Innovation partnership for the digitalization of the manufacturing industry

Accenture and inpro are combining their digitalization and innovation expertise to support industrial companies, particularly in the automotive sector. By using technologies such as AI, data analysis and evaluation or automatic image recognition, quality problems in the manufacturing industry, for example, are to be identified more quickly and resolved sustainably.

The consulting firm Accenture is entering into a partnership with the innovation incubator inpro, a joint venture between Siemens and Volkswagen, with the aim of developing innovative solutions for digital production, particularly in automotive manufacturing, and making them applicable.

The strategic cooperation between Accenture and inpro combines the extensive expertise of both companies and opens up new horizons for digital production. Accenture is known for innovative solutions that use artificial intelligence (AI), the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the digital twin, industrial metaverse, 3D printing and robotics solutions to optimize manufacturing workflows. As an innovation developer for the automotive industry, inpro offers valuable industry know-how and at the same time elementary solution modules for the realization of modern production processes and continuous efficiency increases.

As part of this cooperation, the two companies have initially agreed two specific innovation projects with Siemens and Volkswagen, which combine inpro’s innovative strength with Accenture’s scaling expertise to develop high-quality solutions for the industry. On the one hand, this involves the automated creation of synthetic data that can accelerate the training of computer vision systems in quality control and improve defect detection, and on the other, the AI-supported evaluation of sensor data generated in production. The aim is to make production processes more efficient and increase quality.

“The complexity of digitalization in the manufacturing industry can only be mastered by a well-orchestrated partner network – and we are delighted to be able to count inpro among them. The challenges in production can only be solved with expertise from different areas, from manufacturing technology to intelligent data usage. It is then important for companies to deploy this solution quickly and scalably in their global production network.”

Patrick Vollmer, Senior Managing Director | Accenture

inpro also sees the future in collaborative innovation management.

“inpro has stood for value-adding innovation development in the industry for decades. With Accenture’s global expertise, we can achieve even greater operational benefits for our joint clients”

Gerd Eßer, CEO | inpro

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