inpro‘s development work not only formed the basis for the introduction of laser beam welding and laser beam brazing processes suitable for large-scale production in car body construction, but also provided the prerequisites for important innovations in engine and component production. Particularly noteworthy in this context is the work on laser beam hardening. inpro created both important process fundamentals and the tools required for this in the 1990s.

The positive effects of this research work are still having an impact today. In 2014, for example, a development team from Daimler AG and the Steinbeis Transfer Center was awarded the highly prestigious transfer prize of the Steinbeis Foundation – Löhn Prize – for the successful series introduction of controlled laser beam hardening.

“The laser hardness head shows once again that inpro innovations were far ahead of their time. However, not only a prototype, but also the networking of the company foundations that emerged from the laser technology field with the “alumni” in the parent companies formed the basis for the successful production use of the resulting systems.”

Dr. Michael Anders, Scansonic IPT GmbH