Success story: COMAN


From innovation project to global player in digital project management

COMAN, an inpro spin-off, is now expanding globally with its solution for digital project management. Starting out as a project idea and study in inpro’s innovation incubator, the company is now a successful software provider for the efficient and transparent planning and implementation of large-scale industrial projects. Read on to find out how inpro used its innovative spirit, methodological strength and technological expertise to turn an idea into a marketable product.

COMAN heute – Collaboration in large projects

>6000 User

>100 Customer

30 Countries

60% Effort reduction

Collaborative Incubation: The ideal ecosystem for practical innovation

The initial research project, from which COMAN was to emerge as an independent company, was initially dedicated to the efficient planning and commissioning of production facilities. The focus was on the needs of the companies participating in the project at the time – thyssenkrupp Systems Engineering, VW and Daimler – and was further developed in numerous follow-up projects. The aim of the work was to realize potential savings for OEMs and suppliers and to optimize the ramp-up phase of systems. Thanks to inpro’s unique innovation ecosystem, which integrates industrial users, research and commercialization partners, the project team was able to learn from real plant construction projects right from the start and identify specific fields of action through intensive discussions with users.

Step by step to a digital planning and production solution

Once the enormous potential of improved digital project management in large-scale industry had been validated, the work assignment was extended in consultation with the companies participating in the project to include the intelligent merging of the real and digital factory – the field of action: digital twin. This was followed by an initial prototype and a development phase in which the software was made suitable for series production together with users. The next step was to ensure reliable regular operation of the digital project management solution, which initially led to business for inpro and ultimately to the founding of COMAN in 2018.

inpro and COMAN: Valuable synergies and a strong partnership

Even after the spin-off of COMAN, the many years of joint work with inpro continued. inpro remains on board with COMAN as a strategic investor and sparring partner for innovation. The innovation ecosystem orchestrated by inpro remains an important driver for the start-up, while inpro receives market insights from COMAN and can identify new fields of innovation.

What our partners say

The innovative spirit of inpro

“Today’s success of COMAN shows the potential that can be found in inpro’s innovation projects. Research and development should always be as close as possible to practical applications. The result is technology that can be used directly in everyday life and creates real added value.”

Timur Ripke, Co-founder and CEO of COMAN Software GmbH

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